Our Approach

Our focus is on the pursuit of results for our client, the tasks we perform in the implementation of the project depend on our technical capacity to solve the identified problem. If we don’t have it, we will help our client to look for the best solution.
Our experience has shown us that a satisfied customer has a future value potential far superior to any excellent one time business.

Understanding the Business
Project conception
Implement the Solution

What we do

We are a team of Consultants oriented to transform opportunities into results. Portugalsells is a consulting team that brings together several specialists prepared to function as facilitators in the processes of improving the competitiveness and results of organizations, either public or private.

We interact in the projects, with a network of partners of complementary competences (Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Innovation, Organization, People and Eco-Efficiency), through a tailor-made solution.

We act in this business consultancy topics:

Business Strategy

Business Organization


Business Development

Business Optimization

Business Network

Business Innovation

Investment Incentives Programs

We also have Two unique services:


This service is the transfer of specified procurement activities relating to sourcing and supplier management to a third entity, to reduce overall costs or to tighten the company’s focus on its core competencies. Procurement categorisation and vendor management of indirect materials and services are typically the most wanted outsourced activity. Our outsourced procurement team allow your company to benefit immediately from experienced procurement specialists support & expertise. This avoids the creation of an internal team (new resources) and the required time for that team to structure itself, its processes and its expertise.
Two type of procurement we offer:

  • Direct procurement. Direct categories are all goods purchased by the company which directly enter into the production process of that company.
  • Indirect Procurement. Indirect categories are all the goods and services that are bought by the company to enable its activity.

We can save you time and money, finding the most suitable supplier.


The primarily responsibility is establishing and maintaining relationships with customers and potential customers. This involves corresponding with customers via telephone, email or other means to solicit opinions, provide information about new products and services, keep records or complete progress reports. The service also keeps abreast of new developments in the field in order to provide competitive information to customers. The Technical product delegate service is responsible for a set territory in which it may serve as a sales representatives.
Our service is to allow you by being closer to your customers make your commercial activity easier, providing for a territory:

  • Scouting for new potential customers, in international markets and trade fairs
  • Finding opportunities with organisations for products and services
  • Managing your marketing and endorsement activities
  • Representing you if there’s a dispute with the clients
  • Acting as a media spokesperson for your client
  • Preparing contract requirements
  • Supporting your product/service during times of difficulty, loss of competitiveness or when it’s under pressure.